Leadership Retreat

Leadership Retreat Integrating Employee Well-Being for High Performance

The stunning Isle of Anglesey is the perfect place for you and your team to visit, for a professional retreat, that uniquely combines leadership training, coaching, business growth and well-being.  The ‘Away day’ has been reinvented, providing businesses an opportunity to invest in driving up high performance through our tailored retreat programme. 

All our retreats start with a consultation, so that we can design a programme that meets your objectives.   We partner with a variety of venues to give you and your people an immersive cultural experience, a sense of getting away from it all, and a space to invest in personal and professional growth.  For example, we use a mix of interventions to reduce stress, increase self-awareness and build relationships, alongside experiential learning on topics such as communication, managing change, and mental toughness.  The result is a high value for money service, that invests in your peoples wellbeing, as well as providing tangible learning outcomes as leaders and senior leadership teams.

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Case studies

My Work

Case study #1

A manufacturing company in North Wales urgently needed their Senior Management Team (SMT) to unite in strategic growth for the company.

Case study #2

A family business owner approached me for help when he had been made MD after his mother and father had retired.

Case study #3

A London based recruitment company, approached us to design a 3-day leadership and management ‘bootcamp’.