Business Psychologist

Coach, Trainer & High-Performance Teams Specialist

I have distilled 25 years of experience and expertise in psychology and business, with seven years’ delivering strategic growth training to businesses, through Bangor University, applying the latest science backed evidence and practices into people development and business growth.


What my clients say

My coaching expertise has also been used by other organisations, including:

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25+ Years of Experience

My training and coaching programmes are highly tailored and deliver far reaching returns.

I have experience of running a family business which I have used to develop my approach to working with family-run organisations.

Talk to me about how my programmes can:

  • Ignite ambition in a stagnating team
  • Achieve team collaboration and unity
  • Turn conflict into positive action
  • Elevate your capacity for leadership and confidence in creating a following
  • Produce confident and agile project managers
  • Support staff preparing for new roles



An effective coach is trained to help you build self-awareness and notice when your thoughts and behaviours are holding you back. As your coach, I will challenge your thinking and show you how to be less controlled by negativity and bias. The results can be transformative, giving you clarity and newfound confidence, the outcome of which, is a clear sense of direction.

Executive Team & Board Coaching

A high performing team is a collective of people, developing an identity at group level. Trust between group members is central to high performance, and I use coaching techniques to build that trust effectively.


The stunning Isle of Anglesey is the perfect place for you and your team to visit, for a professional retreat, that uniquely combines leadership training, coaching, business growth and well-being. The ‘Away day’ has been reinvented, providing businesses an opportunity to invest in driving up high performance through our tailored retreat programme.

Case studies

My Work

Case study #1

A manufacturing company in North Wales urgently needed their Senior Management Team (SMT) to unite in strategic growth for the company.

Case study #2

A family business owner approached me for help when he had been made MD after his mother and father had retired.

Case study #3

A London based recruitment company, approached us to design a 3-day leadership and management ‘bootcamp’.